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Post Secondary applications are already a high stress ordeal to begin with. Streamlining applications into one portal reduces the complication for both students and post secondary administrators. My role was to make an enjoyable user experience for students of all backgrounds regardless of technical literacy, background or financial means. 


UX Developer / UX Integration Specialist


July 2021 – April 2023


To aggregate all the resources students need to make application decisions in one application.


University admins were heavily reliant on EducationPlannerBC to teach them how to use the software. The software was initially designed based on developer needs, but the organization and hierarchy of the information was very unintuitive to the end users.


  1. Restructuring the pages into more logical groupings
  2. Standardizing design patterns and components so users can intuitively figure out what a page would do or behave based only on visual cues 
  3. Using consistent language in order to make users expend less energy on decision making to discern what a component would do. 
  4. Decreasing visual clutter on the page by strategically hiding or minimizing less necessary information.
  5. Creating more system feedback to the user in order to self diagnose issues.
  6. Creating more integrated help systems to give the user agency to help themselves without tech support intervention.

Common Pain Points

“It’s hard to find the features I’m looking for “

“I can’t tell if [this page] is able to do what I need”

“Too much is on the page at once I don’t know what to do”

INTIAL WIREFRAMES (strapi integration)

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Style Sheet

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