Rules UI

The Rules UI allowed users without any programming experience to create complex queries in a visual interface. Non technical users needed to be able to attach different questions to different applications. For instance Question A may be asked if the user was: born before 1997 and from British Columbia but NOT if the user had a GPA of below 3.5. These kinds of queries can become complex and were creating significant overhead on the EducationPlanner BC staff to insert into the database as every Post Secondary Institution in BC has hundreds of potential optional questions they wish to put on their application depending on the applicant. 


UX Designer


November 2021 – June 2022


Decrease the amount of time spent by EducationPlanner BC staff on creating queries.


This project was a unique challenge because of the high change rate of engineering teams. The engineering team that signed off on the initial prototype was completely different from the team that ended up building the product. 


Create a graphical interface that can create if/else logic by users with no programming experience.


The average user for this product has extremely low technical abilities therefore in order to create a product that is as easy to use as possible industry standards were researched in order to replicate their design pattern. Excel’s conditional formatting and Google’s custom question wizard in Google Forms served as a jumping off point to create a design.

Common Pain Points

“The logic becomes complicated quickly “

“I need changes to be done quickly”

“The page is too complicated”

Concept Sketches

Style Guide

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